Things you better know before picking a developer.

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What do you need?

It is an important that the entrepreneur illustrates the intent of the project and their long-term vision in order to make sure their message is clear and sharp

Target audience.

Who are your final users?

What percentage of users are potential users?

What is the estimated budget that the target audience spends on similar things?

How many users do you need to break even?

How much will it cost your startup to bring the minimum users to operate?

This is the only way to build a realistic and proper marketing budget.


.( A very comprehensive test (most start-ups fail at this point


Detailed market survey

This part is very important in the construction of any project. It is very important to know who your audience is, and how much they spend per year on similar products.

Regulatory inspection

Are the laws of the country you are aiming at, allow you to work there?

Do you need license to operate?






How to choose a development company and why it is critical

Once you have made the first steps, now it is time to choose the company that will accompany you throughout the life of a start-up. – I am not sure what you are trying to say here.. but let me know.

Every entrepreneur knows that a business partnership is very similar to a marriage for all intent and purpose, investing a lot of time and money, choosing the company should be the most important choice. You need to understand what you need, what you lack as an organization, and look for a leading technology and business development company with experience that will complete your organizational shortcomings.

The trap

Perfectionism, this is the most common mistake among entrepreneurs.

In the world of application, Perfectionism is more than $1 million development double time.

The first and only goal of any startup is to exist.

A start-up entrepreneur should invest a minimum amount of money and give the user maximum functions to work.

Our team

In what areas our directors are experts


We have a team that fits to every role in the start-up wor.

Development Specialist.

Budget expert.

Marketing experts.

Experts in the preparation of a realistic profit model.

Our directors are linked to the investment world.

If you are a winning team and believe you have a profit potential. All the rest is on us.

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Things you better know before picking a developer.

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