What is the best way to name your startup?

On July 14, 2018 by branded

For most entrepreneurs, one of the very first things that are coming after you had your vision to the “million dollars idea” is selecting a name. Naming your idea has a psychology effect of belongings and ownership, it helps you to visualise and make yourself a step ahead.

Therewise selecting a name is an important thing, after all you are going to carry the name for next period of your life. Just like a baby a name has to fit the identity of the born and to the parents behinds it. When we first think about the name it has to first thing to be related to our product, but it also has to be unique and one of it kinds.

Name it, Brand it.

For this we have created an instruction with few simple steps:
  1. First thing we want to do, is writing your idea clearly and understands who is our audience, it helps us understand the goals we want to achieve and to realize who are the type of characters that will use our “idea”.
  2. See who your competitors are, understanding your competitors is an important stage on any startups life, it helps you understand better the market and see how people reacts to other names.
  3. Select the two main subjects that makes your idea unique. So like if I had an app for running that monetizing your workout, I would pick two main subjects like “Run” and “Custom” and try to combine these two words for one word like “CustRun”.
  4. Try to read it and give people that are related to you to say it outloud and pronounce it, sometimes the nemes you think is perfect is hard for some people to read or to understand it goals.
  5. See if your name is exist, mostly we select the name before even funding a company, while it’s just a name it’s better for you to buy a domain with the name you have picked, apps today don’t necessarily end up with the famous “.COM”, you can also pick up “.APP” and “.CO” which became more popular in the recent years. And if it’s taken, which probably likely in this ocean of domains, you can go back and try some more combination, until you will be there.


Just remember picking a name is a very important stage for any startup!


If finding the right name is something you really care, you can consult us any time.

Branding and Developing startups is our professionality.



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What is the best way to name your startup?

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